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Whether you are thirteen or nineteen, assuming the role of 'parent' in your teens is no easy task. You are merely a child yourself, barely understanding yourself and the world around you. How much more difficult would raising a child be?

As a parent, your life is no longer yours or simply about you. You have another human being who depends on your love and relies on your ability to provide his every need. You cannot live your life for yourself any longer. Although you had nine months, or less, to prepare for the birth of your child, nothing will give you a reality check like being woken up to the cries of your child at 3 am, being called home from work due to your child's illness, or missing out on events because you have no one to watch your child. You must die to the life you once knew, if you want to be the best parent you can be.

From the paragraph above, one may think that once you decide to parent as a teen, life is downhill from there, or there is an impending doom. However, that is not the case. Life is only as difficult as you make it or want it to be. If you decide in your mind that nothing is going to stop you from pursuing your dreams, then not even the reality of parenting should shake you. Just because you are a teen parent does not mean you have to drop out of school. Many women have had children at very young ages and gone on to succeed in their future careers.

Determination is definitely something a teen parent needs. Fix your eye on a goal and do all that is in your power to attain it. If your goal is to become a broker, a consultant, physician, lawyer, or anything else, don't let having a child at an early age discourage you. You are the only hindrance to your dreams.

Motivation is key. If you feel unmotivated and are constantly being told you cannot amount to much, use that as your fuel. Do not let people underestimate you. Even if they do, prove them wrong. As Carol Burnett said, "If someone tells you that you cannot do something and you believe it, they are right." Even better, Walter Bagehet said, "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."

Do not allow yourself to get in a slum just because you feel or believe life has thrown you a hard ball you weren't prepared for. Justice entitles everyone to take responsibility for their actions. If you consented to sex and ended up pregnant, assume the responsibility for your actions without any further complaint. Let this experience make and not break you. Let it strengthen you: if you had no passion or motivation in the past, let your child be your motivation. If you don't want to improve yourself for you, improve yourself for your son or daughter. "That which does not kill me makes me stronger," was well said by Nietzsche.

Parenting is a new chapter in your life. The main difference between you and your peers is that you are beginning it before them. Don't be discouraged. Use this time wisely and to your advantage, not to the detriment of your progress.

While you have a long road ahead of you, if you maintain your focus, put your child's needs before your own, and realize that you will definitely have to make sacrifices in order to get where you are going in life.

Also, remember: if you ever need help or have questions regarding parenting, never be too afraid to ask. For baby care information, visit Baby Care

If you would like to chat with other teens who are either pregnant or considering parenting, visit Teen Pregnancy / Parenting Forums

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